Took a wee trip to Owego to visit the greenhouses at Tioga Gardens and I was in macro heaven! Yay!


3 comments on “Plump”

  1. What a beautiful abstract… you’re a lensbaby master. :) Glad to see you gave that iphone a rest.

    • Aww, you don’t like the iPhone shots? And you haven’t even seen the half of em! :)
      Good to rediscover the joys of lensbaby though.
      Brace yourself… I’ve recently got my hands on a nice wooden pinhole camera!

  2. It’s not that I didn’t like the iPhone shots… some were quite good in my opinion. I just feel the thing is a fad, cleverly marketed and will fill up our landfills with future, non-ending updates. And some smart one in the future will probably feel a valley in Yosemite will be a good place to bury them and will mange to convince members of Congress that it’s a great idea.

    The pinhole camera sounds interesting. Is it an antique or a modern re-make? Looking forward to the images.

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