Fairy glen

Some friends came to visit, so I took them to the mystical Watkins Glen waterfalls, and couldn’t resist snapping a few awe of nature shots. It’s always impossibly dark in there, so it was a bit of a challenge, but here’s one of the better results.


3 comments on “Fairy glen”

  1. Beautiful composition and nice exposure. That looks like a place best photographed on a cloudy day or with multiple exposures for an HDR image.

    • You’re probably right! The first time I went, it was all overcast and I thought it’d be much better on a sunny day, but actually it was just as dark inside, with the added annoyingness of far-off brightness which blew out all highlights and messed up exposure elsewhere. Grrr…
      But I’d be useless at multiple exposures (no tripod either) and the idea of HDR makes me shudder, tho this is probably an example of when it could/should be used properly!

  2. So well composed with the pool being balanced by the overhang and the view out through the gorge. The tones are refreshing rather than bright. You ought to do a book on Blurb!

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