Bleak times

I haven’t been much in the mood lately for taking photos, which is a real shame as I’ve got nothing but time on my hands. The weather hasn’t been too inspiring either, but today the sun made a surprise appearance and brought with her some bright blue skies… so naturally I came back from a jaunt in the woods with bleak black-and-white photos of bare snow scenes. Ha! Yeah, that about sums me up these days.


3 comments on “Bleak times”

  1. It’s good to see you back… I’ve missed your perspective on the world.

    I take it winter isn’t your favorite season. It can be harsh where you live.

    Nice image. Has that “creepy” shadow look to it that you’re famous for. :)

    • Yeah, I’m getting a bit stir crazy and ready for the snow to go already! And the recent balmy (50F!) two-day thaw is such a tease. The temps are set to drop below 20 again tonight and then snow tomorrow. Bah! :(

  2. I love to photograph winter scenes, but most winter days are not sun shining off the snow and ice. I have been feeling uninspired most days because of all the dreary clouds. It’s hard to take a good nature shot without natural sunlight!

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