Off the scale

Here’s a shot from a collaboration I did with Mr Meleager. Check out the rest on his stream here.

I shot a roll of cheap 400ISO film through my Yashica ME1, then rewound and sent it to Maryland, where Meleager reversed it to make it redscale, then shot it through his Olympus XA. Neato!

I like the weird coincidence on this one that saw my stairs and railing shot line up with his ‘Please keep off wall and railing’ sign.


4 comments on “Off the scale”

  1. I like that. This collaboration, double exposure thing sounds like fun.

    The above image was my favorite out of the group though the yellow and blue shot of the telephone pole and road, the yellow and blue image of the church and the yellow and red image of what appears to be two separate frames I liked as well.

  2. thanks!
    and if you ever want to dust off your om1 and give it a shot, i’m game! ;)

  3. Thanks for the invitation. I know I still have some film left in the fridge… just need to motivate myself to go out and expose 36 frames.

    So if I attempt this, what are the rules to play by… one stop underexposure? Any specific method for loading the film so our frames line up?

  4. Yup, one stop underexposed. I usually just set my camera meter to a higher ISO to take away the guesswork. So if I’m using 200ISO film, I set the camera to 400ISO. Easy peasy! As for loading the film… no method! It tends to sync up pretty nicely… if not, that’s part of the fun ;)

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