More trees please

What can I say, I love these trees!
Another take, this time in colour…

4 comments on “More trees please”

  1. Another nice photograph.

    I’m getting an arrow pattern (>) in the image, about the middle of the width and about 1/5th the overall height from the top. The same pattern exists in the previous image (Electric). Something introduced by the negative scanner perhaps?

  2. ahhh, you found the lens dust! yeah…. after going out for hours and taking about 500 photos, i came home to discover dust all over most of the shots. and lots of it too! ack! i panicked and thought my sensor needed major cleaning AGAIN, but it seems to just have been on the back of the lens itself. silly me.

  3. That’ a digital shot? I thought you shot mostly with film.

    So far sensor dust hasn’t been a problem with my self-cleaning E-1. ;)

  4. yeah, very occasionally I take the Nikon D40 out for the day. It’s been feeling very neglected recently.

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