Leaf me alone

More yummy autumnal naturey goodness! Not for much longer though, I’m afraid. Forecast tomorrow is for snow! Oh my.


3 comments on “Leaf me alone”

  1. Hey, is that OM1 an MD model? Can it take a winder or motor drive unit?

    Nice image. :)

  2. It is an MD model
    (the question actually sent me searching, and I discovered all sorts of fun things about my lovely new camera, so thanks for that! :)
    Are you about to tempt me with something again?
    I’ve actually been looking at OM mounted lensbabies… BAD!

  3. As I sold my OM4t I now have an extra Winder 2 that will automatically advance the film after you press the shutter button and also allow one to shoot in sequence mode up to 2 1/2 frames per second. It’s a user model with some scuffs though functions well. The motor sounds a bit noisier than my other, newer winder 2. If you’re interested, $10 plus the cost of shipping (another $8 probably for priority mail) will cover it. I can send pictures of it if you like. I would like to see the winder used by someone who can appreciate it instead of seeing it sit on a shelf. You can contact me via the email address submitted in this post if you are interested.

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