Triple take

Aww, look who’s getting creative now! Richard gets clever with his phone’s panorama photo stitching function. His camera phone is sooooo amazing, especially compared to my crappy iPhone cam. Bah.

2 comments on “Triple take”

  1. Oh no, you’ve been cloned!! Three Staceys running loose in the world… aaahhhhhhhh!!

    Very creatively done Richard though dump that phone camera nonsense for one of Stacey’s real cameras. :) Doing photography with a camera phone is like doing carpentry by assembling a prefab home with a dime store hammer and level. You are never really able to experience the true essence of the task.

  2. terrifying thought, innit? :)
    i’m afraid he still shuns the real cameras. sad, but true. one of these days, i swear i shall convert him!

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