Oh gee

Oh, Berlin. It was so fab on so many levels. I could seriously see myself moving there some day… if only I could speak German. Ack! There were so many cool buildings, old and new, and I was of course mesmerised most by the new. So many beautiful lines and reflections and… yeah. I went a bit crazy.


3 comments on “Oh gee”

  1. The building color, composition, and reflections are just spectacular. Nice capture!

  2. Hi, after a longer visit to Berlin, I actually decided to move to Berlin. My German isn’t so great either, but it might come… Nice picture, by the way, what building is it?

  3. thanks! and i’m very jealous! is it fantastic?
    this building was… er… near the zoo station. there was a tacky tatty tourist shop inside among other things.

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