First time for everything

This weekend I learned how to develop and print my own B&W films! Woooo! Exciting! Now I can venture into the big scary world of home development, tho I don’t think I’m quite ready to set up my own darkroom yet :) Still, it was pretty fun, if not a wee bit stressful.

Here’s a scan of my very first semi-successful print! I was a bit disappointed with my focus and the lack of contrast – it all seems a bit grey. But ah well.


3 comments on “First time for everything”

  1. Very good! I’m impressed!

  2. colour me impressed as well. My first print was a big black square, damnit.

  3. I like it and well done. I haven’t processed my own black & white in quite some time so I’m jealous. :)

    The lack of contrast doesn’t bother me as the shot seems to have been taken in flat light and that suits the subject matter in my opinion. A photograph with a wide dynamic range doesn’t always suit every subject.

    As for the focus, that doesn’t bother me much either. I have a feeling you’re aware that stopping down your lens more will improve the depth of field though keeping the film plane parallel to the subject matter will also help when close to your subject.

    In my opinion who have an eye for “seeing”, capturing images of interesting subject matter and composition. That is most important. You’ll get better and better with the tech stuff with time as I don’t feel it’s rocket science. Keep at it. :)

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