It’s oh so quiet

All’s quiet on the West End front. Well, sort of. I went to London for a night and day to see a gig and welcome Richard back to the UK. I focused on film, so not so many digi shots, except when Richard turned the camera round on me as we got ready for a long day walking about museums and shops. We got up at the crack of dawn, then had to wait around for our gracious hosts to stir. I was perhaps a wee bit tired…


3 comments on “It’s oh so quiet”

  1. Very simple, a very ordinary scene nothing remarkable. In fact if it was in colour it would be a very (no less than) average snapshot.

    But in B&W things begin to change, lighting starts to impact, angles (the bent arm, the junction of the roof and wall) become noticed. The result – a truly stunning image, brilliant, congratulations :)

  2. I don’t agree with the above post that this shot would have been a “very average snapshot” if done in color. I feel it would have worked either way. It is what it is… another wonderful expression seen with your eye. I do agree with yesbuts’ last statement… it is a stunning image.

    I’m not one for gadgets though I like what you do with the lensbaby.

  3. Thanks Richard! I’m not sure I’d qualify the lensbaby as a gadget per se… it’s just a cheap lens with fun mounting. I just read about a specialist camera repair company in RI that also does a bit of lens modification, and they managed to make a shift mount for a lensbaby which enhanced its fun focus properties even more! I was hopping with glee – until I made some enquiries and found out it would cost a $550. Ha! To modify a $100 lens! Mmmm maybe not I’d love a proper tilt/shift set-up too, but that’s also pricey and getting into the realm of gadget indeed. Think I’ll just stick with exploring film and cheap cameras (of which I’ve just bought another two! Eeps! It’s getting out of control!)

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