The esteemed Hobgrumble came up from Liverpool yesterday for a wee visit! Here, he checks out the cacti at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. I devoted the day to film, and took a test roll on my latest purchase, a Hanimex 35DL dual lens plastic camera I bought from a charity shop for a fiver. Yup, it has two lenses, but sadly only one is used at a time. You swap em round by rotating the front. Kinda funky. But since it’s a viewfinder, you don’t actually see through the lens so have no idea what the resulting image will actually look like. The lenses are helpfully marked ‘tele’ and ‘wide’, and look just like flipped versions of the same thing – one concave, the other convex. I was pretty skeptical, but popped in a cheapo boots brand 200ISO film and experimented, and the results weren’t too shabby! Go figure!

2 comments on “Hobgrobbin”

  1. Nice capture.

    Were there any line brackets on the viewfinder screen to give you an indication of field of view when using the tele or wide lens?

  2. Aye, there were, but I didn’t trust them much. I guess they were pretty accurate – hard to tell tho. I think it’ll take some practice/getting used to :)

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