And we’re back…

Finally, after a good kick in the ass by the esteemed Hobgrumble, I snapped another stranger for the 100 Strangers Project! We spotted Colin eating his lunch on a bench at the university. We were worried at first that he might be a bit mad, but in fact he was just lovely! I couldn’t resist that beard, in any case. Who could? Amazing!

…and here’s Hob’s photo of me taking this shot! Ha! Now tell me, would you have made the approach?

Glasgow with Slithy Toves (Part One) (16)

2 comments on “And we’re back…”

  1. You were worried he might be a bit mad? What, just a bit more than you? :)

  2. ha! yeah… fair enough.
    Wait, what are you suggesting? I should probably be insulted, if only it weren’t true ;)

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