We took a field trip last night to Stirling for Le Weekend music ‘festival’ to see Taken By Trees and The Pastels. It was a nice change of scene, tho the seats were terribly uncomfortable and the lighting was atrocious. Why don’t they ever think of the photographers, eh?


5 comments on “Pastel”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! The lighting during Taken By Trees aided the aura of magic and during The Pastels it was just dandy. My voluminous rear end enjoyed the seats, too. After my gig experiences in Glasgow of late (beer splattered at Sebadoh … ridiculous amounts of chit chat at Marissa Nadler etc.) it was a pleasure to be somewhere so civilised. And The Pastels are still the best band on earth :)

  2. eek … I meant to say DISAGREE! Pesky, over-tired foggy head :(

  3. Got to agree that the lighting was poor, particularly for Tape, got a little better for Taken by Trees and The Pastels. Very civilised gig, however the staffing of the bar was as minimal as the lighting. Very much enjoyed all three bands, no surprises from The Pastels even with a few new songs, enjoyed the little story from Stephen. Just waiting for the new album; as I have been for the last two years. A few faces from the past in that audience.

  4. Yes, I am fond of civilised these days… does that mean I’m getting old? Eeps! No matter… I suppose the lighting was OK for atmosphere, but not for photos, and I’m selfish like that ;) I should be glad in that it forced me to put the camera down and just enjoy the music instead, something I often forget to do

  5. Hi there, glad you enjoyed Friday night at Le Weekend. Just to let you in on a wee secret, the bands sometimes dictate the level of lighting we have to use. Anyway, hope to see you all back at the Tolbooth for some more ‘civlised’ music!

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