Rodeo a go-go

Went to the vet school ‘rodeo’ this weekend, tho it was a bit of a misnomer, since we didn’t see any horse shows, nor the promised duck herding. Instead, we saw a shitload of dogs, including this pug, who was too cool for school! I just loved how he matched his owner’s wellies :)


2 comments on “Rodeo a go-go”

  1. that is just too cute :D

  2. I’ve a neighbour with a pug. He’s called Humperdinck or Huxley or something like that. He reminds me of a bumble bee :-)
    First time I “met” him, his owner said that he’s not very friendly and doesn’t like attention. Typically as soon as he clocked me, he was all over me like a rash, rolling on his back showing me his plums…. I seem to have that effect on animals.

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