So, here’s my exciting new commie cam! An Exakta Varex 11b. It’s super fun!

Especially this viewfinder, which displays the image in almost 3D detail and encourages/allows you to hold the camera at waist level (which is great for sneaky photos, as people don’t realise you’re taking a photo, they just think you’re checking out the setting or something ;)


And here is a resulting photo! My first test roll was a bit shambolic, as I didn’t rewind properly and it got all mutilated and exposed, but surprisingly much of it was salvagable! And the second roll went much more smoothly.


I also picked up a super bargain (99p!) wide angle lens on ebay so i’m going to go out and experiment with that today. Woo!


3 comments on “Exaktly”

  1. In it’s day the Exakta was the bee’s knees (as in the state of the art).

    Just look at the lens, it’s a Zeiss Tessar, which in it’s day was one of the best lenes that one could buy. 99p is a joke considering the quality of of the machining and the optics. The Exacta isn’t of those crap 50c cameras that people are wanking on about, it’s a quality camera with features and quality that were way ahead of it’s day.

  2. yes, the zeiss is very nice indeed! it cost me a bit more than 99p (that one is an ina 35mm from japan) but not much – the camera body and lens were about £15 combined. crazy! i’m very happy with the exakta so far. much better than plastic cams like the holga and smena, which are all the rage and command ridiculous prices – £60, and sold at urban outfitters!

  3. I’ve got the same camera, with case; what do you think it may be worth, as I might sell it.. HB

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