i’m hungry for hungary

So I’ve been away for a few days… to Budapest! Woo! I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I was expecting – I barely took 200, which I usually accomplish in a day at the museum round here! Maybe I was too busy living the experience to document it. Or something. But it was nice. An odd, hodgepodge city really. Lots of huge, grand buildings, many painted yellow or pink or other sometimes warm, sometimes garish colours. But they are so huge in scale, they’re hard to capture on film. And they sat alongside some cold, concrete monstrosities. It was an odd mix. Sometimes I felt I was in Sofia; sometimes in Stockholm or Ljubyana. City identity crisis.

We ventured up to the old bit of Buda, on Castle Hill, which was eerily deserted. I suppose it didn’t help that we were there just as the sun was setting, but it was really spooky, and we didn’t go back. Richard was more interested in the modern, anyway. We did lots of wandering without purpose, lots of general exploring, happy it wasn’t raining. And I bought a very exciting camera! But more about that tomorrow…


One comment on “i’m hungry for hungary”

  1. this picture is ready to be sold internationally in poster form. i can see the arty college kids lining up to put it on their walls. its so fantastically composed.

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