up close and personal

Guess what arrived today? My lensbaby macro kit! Woo! I excitedly ran into the kitchen and proceeded to take THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE – yup, 375 – photos! Eeps! Only as I started the labourious and long process of…er… processing… them all did I realise I had taken all the shots on ISO 1600. So they are incredibly grainy, and some great shots had to be discarded. Wah! How many times have I done this? One would think I’d have learned my lesson by now, but noooo… Must. Check. ISO. Before. Starting. Yes. At any rate, I have tried to limit myself to only uploading a dozen or so a day on flickr, but it’s so difficult to choose! So expect a steady stream over the next few days. The whole set will be viewable here. Today it was all about the humble corkscrew and cafetierre. Tomorrow… bubbles!


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