A little depth

… of field. Yesterday I discovered the Lensbaby’s amazing power to transform the most mundane, ugly objects into fascinating subjects! Take this rather ordinary looking rusty fence post, for instance! Once I made the discovery, I ran around town like a nutter, photographing the most random things, getting very odd looks along the way.

It even makes dead flowers look interesting!


I also discovered you can buy a macro lens kit for the Lensbaby, and I promptly went online and did so. I thought this lens would be a bit of a novelty, but I’m totally hooked, so might as well make the most of it, non?


4 comments on “A little depth”

  1. Great stuff. Look for more.

  2. Wow!! amazing~~ impressive~~~ it’s amazing that you can change the ugly objects into a fascinating
    and whole new different style of picture. Great stuff!! thank you for your informations and keep on good work! kkkk thanks.

  3. yay for lensbaby! i commented the fence picture on flickr, but i would like to comment yet again how pretty it looks :D

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