taking a tumble

richglass2, originally uploaded by slithy-toves.

Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes. Like the bottom of a whiskey tumbler. And I don’t mean that metaphorically either – tho I had consumed a wee tipple at the time. While lifting my glass to shake out the very last boozy drop, I peered through the bottom and thought, ‘Gee, that would be a fun shut’ and presto! Richard agreed, as you can tell…


One comment on “taking a tumble”

  1. cool, concept. :)
    i already have a flickr account, in fact it has all the pics I upload from here. I just feel that sometime’s its too overwhelming for one person to look at a thousand pictures in one go, at least when I post pictures here, it won’t be that … drastic hahaha. :)

    yay! i’ll be experimenting with the smena once it gets in my itching hands :D w00t

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